The Duke - The Playoffs

Sunday, January 22nd 2017

Taking all the dogs in the divisional round would have made money last weekend.  That’s because the underdog Packers and the Steelers both won.  And that’s who I think are going to win this Monday morning.  Why you ask?  I’m just tired of the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers is on fire.  Being a Bengals fan, I’m tired of the Steelers as well, but I really want to see someone other than the Patriots in the Super Bowl. 


Friday, January 20th 2017

Good afternoon Bombers and welcome back. Tough weekend on the punt last weekend with a plethora of sport – tennis, big bash, NFL, racing and a little tipple on the soccer. I have worked out – too many events to punt on. It reminds me of my uni days lining up at Sizzler – plenty of food on offer but at the end of the day nothing is any good – not unlike last weekend. Harden up Brando you say – I am and to use racing parlance – “just straighten her up and get back on the bit”.  As the great Hymie from Get Smart (the actor who played him died last Friday) said about the Sports Widow “ I guess we’re not wired the same”


Friday, January 20th 2017

Good afternoon sisters and fellow Sports Widows. More Big Bash followed by another game of Big Bash followed by Australia playing someone in cricket. When will the torture end. In between the Big bash this week His Highness has been channel hopping to the tennis. Ohh to be at the tennis live rather than snippets in between cricket, more importantly living it up in Melbourne instead of having to stay up and listen to the drivel coming from our TV room.

The Duke - The Playoffs

Saturday, January 14th 2017

Well folks, we’ve finally reached the playoffs.  Sports360 had a Christmas break and we are back just in time for the division playoff round.  Wild Card weekend was not that wild as all the favourites won. The unlucky Oakland Raiders got knocked out by the Texans 27-14 and you have to feel badly for them.  They lost their MVP candidate QB Derek Carr in the second last week and then lost their backup QB in the last week.  It’s hard to win in the NFL going with a 3rd string quarterback unless you are the Patriots, of course.  Other games had the red hot Packers steam rolling the Giants in the second half for a 38-13 win.  The Steelers overcame their early season loss to the Dolphins with a little revenge in a solid 30-12 victory.  The key story in that game was Big Ben Roethlisberger injuring his ankle on the last play of the game.  He entered the post-game interview wearing a space boot insisting he was playing next week.  (He will play, but how mobile he is remains to be seen)  The Seahawks, who always surge this time of year, were too much at home for the Detroit Lions, finishing them off 26-6.


Friday, January 13th 2017

Good afternoon Bombers and Happy New Year Bombers Yada yada yada. I read The Sports Widow and The Duke complaining they needed a holiday for their holiday. Each to their own. I had a lovely week down the coast – beach, pool and plenty of cans watching the Test and all forms of sport. A little bit of Festivus for the rest of us whilst scrolling through Facebook looking at all these miserable shots of families skiing in Japan, Canada or the US. I can understand their angst, particularly the fathers – the $A is not exactly trading at its peak and they could see my photos of a can and the cricket in the background!! The New Year has arrived and not much has changed – Big Bash both men and women, the races and my new-found interest in the NFL – good game for cans!! Goes for 3 hours and plenty of time for can refills and piss breaks.

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