The Jewell

Saturday, August 27th 2016

Gidday from The Jewell


Friday, August 26th 2016

Well for those of you who backed my tips – to put it mildly you did your cracker. I had the kids sports breakups all weekend so didn’t get on so I am cashed up for this weeks morals. The Olympics finally ended and I am fresher than a virgin in the frigerator. We all know who the stars of the games are, the duds of the games and the many knobs of the games. Speaking of duds – The Wallabies were as I expected – hopeless and they have to back up in Windy Wellington tomorrow afternoon. In the NRL the “gear” got the better of the Sharks and they are no certainties for Sunday. The Storm and Cowboys look very good. In the AFL The Kangas lost to the Swans and had to wait for the Demoralising Demons to fall to Carlton. End result my Dees out and North are safely in the finals. Winx – what a first up run. Eagle Farm track is a joke but a couple of Bombs supporters were not too worried when they had a winning double with 2 of their horses. Well done boys – as Jay Trotter once said in Let it Ride “I’m having a VERY good day”. Let’s go

The Sports Widow

Wednesday, August 24th 2016

After another weekend of Olympics torture I breathed a sigh of relief with the closing ceremony on Monday morning. But no “His Highness” had to watch the summary package and then to add insult to injury the Athletes homecoming on Sunrise this morning. Please girls – I have a backlog of the Housewives of NYC, OC , Cheshire not to mention the Kardashians. I asked if I could watch a couple of those shows that I recorded – his response was “that to ask that was unpatriotic” to which I responded “watching Sweden play Belgium in womens handball is not being patriotic and I saw you google the rules of handball – you don’t even know the game”. His response was infuriating “knowledge is power”.

I am concerned at “His Highness” choice of teams that he supports. The Reds, The Wallabies and The Melbourne Demons – all losers on the weekend. (albeit I am aware that the Reds did not play on the weekend) Not to mention, these teams are perennial losers (I googled that for future retorts) – am I living with a loser?? Should I be looking online for a new beau who is a Kiwi Hawthorne supporter??

I knew I was in for a long Saturday night when “His Highness” cracked a bottle of wickedly cheap red at 7.45pm before the start of the Wallabies. The yelling at the TV of ohhh and Ref are the norm and I asked him at halftime – “the Wallabies are hopeless as are the Melbourne Demons so why get so angry at the Umpires”. All I got was a grunt.

So to combat this I am thinking of starting the sports version of Gogglebox. I will secretly video him in action watching sport and facebook it. I am sure there are plenty of sisters out there who can contribute and I would have money on there are plenty of “His Highness” in your homes. See you all next week.

Your friendly Sports Widow


Friday, August 19th 2016

“I am back baby” as George Costanza would say. It has been like a sabbatical - a hiatus longer than that of the great Jay Pieterman and a comeback greater than that of Kramer betting with the Big Texan on incoming plane arrivals. Bigger than Ali and longer than Farnsey. Bigger than Geelong last week against the Tigers and smoother than a Greg Chappell cover drive!! Anyway enough said. I do however have a new website:

Guest Tipster

Friday, August 19th 2016

Sports360° first guest tipster is a well known punting identity form the Northside of Brisbane so it is no surprise that he wishes to be known as the “Dark Horse”. So what has the Dark Horse have in store for the weekend? The Dark Horse has tipped 2 Roughies and 2 Sure Things in the AFL and NRL:

Sure Things:

Adelaide Crows at $1.20 to beat Port Power

Gold Coast Titans at $1.22 to beat Newcastle Knights


Gold Coast Suns at $4 to beat the Magpies

Rabbitohs at $3 to beat the Cronulla Sharks

Good luck with this weekend’s tips from the Dark Horse and I suggest you put them all in a multi/parlay.

Your 360° sports entertainment precinct.