The Sports Widow #07

Wednesday, September 28th 2016

Good afternoon girls. Great news – His Highness is going fishing this Friday with his mates for 6 days. No Grand Final weekend events, yelling at the TV and no him for 6 days will be heaven. I am however still a little nervous as you sisters would be aware – these men have a habit of double booking events and forgetting to cancel or are too afraid to say no. Last thing I need is a bunch of his piss head mates showing up Saturday afternoon.

The Duke

Monday, September 26th 2016

D.U.K.E. about the NFL
Not a great start for tipping week 3, going 1 for 3, but at least it was a strong finish. The Cowboys beat the Bears 31-17. What did I say about this game? The Bears are horrific, and they were who I thought they were. Check out this link…
Let’s try to end week 3 on a winning note. The Atlanta Falcons are at the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football (Tuesday morning at 10:30 on ESPN)
The Saints are 1.68 and the line is -2.5 (1.83). There isn’t a winning record in this division yet. Falcons are 1-1 and the Saints are 0-2. But, the Saints are at home and that is the advantage. Saints QB Drew Brees is off to a good start passing wise and has a successful history on Monday Nights. Look for a high scoring affair and take the Saints -3 points. A multi on the Saints -3 and the over (53.5 at 1.90) would be a good call for you risk takers.

The Duke

Sunday, September 25th 2016

D.U.K.E. about the NFL
Hello sports360 fans and welcome to ‘Duke Usually Knows Everything about the NFL'. It’s now week 3 of the 2016 season.
I’m Duke and please note the word ‘usually’ in that acronym. Because, there is no way that I would have known or predicted that the New England Patriots would be 3-0 without Tom ‘My Balls are Perfect’ Brady. The oddsmakers had the game at a pick, but who would have thought they would have beaten the Houston Texans this week with a third string quarterback. And 27-0 is not just beaten, it’s a beating!
That’s just the NFL folks…Any Given Sunday…or Friday in our case. There’s been quite a few upsets in the first two weeks of the season, so there were great opportunities for you value punters.
Here are a few picks for Sunday (our Monday morning).
Denver Broncos at the Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals are 1.55 and -3 (1.80) Take the Bengals -3
Minnesota Vikings at the Carolina Panthers. Panthers are 1.32 and -7 (1.90) Take the Panthers -7. Live on 7Mate at 3 am.
Chicago Bears at the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are 1.30 and -7 (1.80) Take the Cowboys. The Bears are horrific. Live on 7Mate at 10:30 am.

Guest Tipster

Saturday, September 24th 2016

This weeks Guest Tipster is Matthew Gordon from Morgans at Mt Gravatt. Matthew is a renowned race goer and a shrewd punter. Matthew has tipped Pay Up Bro at Caulfield in the 4th race. Pay Up Bro is paying $3 fixed with Luxbet. After last weeks guest tipster got us home with The Iliad this section is a catastrophe for the bookies. Hey Gordo lets make the bookies Pay Up Bro!!

The Jewell

Saturday, September 24th 2016

My tip from last week (Larrikin) got scratched but it is still in for the Derby so will watch it over the coming weeks.

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